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The Newfane Youth Football and Cheerleading (NYFC) Organization commenced operation in February 2006. NYFC supports and serves the children in the Newfane Central School District primarily but welcomes children from surrounding communities if roster limits set forth by the Niagara Orleans Football Association permits.

The goal of NYFC is to create and maintain a safe, fiscally responsible, and instructional football and cheerleading program in the Newfane Community. Having been a long term goal of community residents, the vision and mission of the organization was directly influenced by the needs of the Newfane School District's Inter-scholastic program. NYFC would like to ensure that children ages 6-13 years old gain the knowledge and experience of football and cheerleading that will carry them well into their high school careers. The ultimate desire is that NYFC will significantly contribute to the success at the Inter-scholastic level for years to come.

For the past 8 seasons, NYFC has executed agreements with both the Niagara County Public Works Department as well as the Newfane Central School District. The exclusive area at Krull Park has quickly become known as "home" for our practice squads, and our teams have delighted several patrons of the surrounding communities as we host 4-5 home games on the Varsity and Junior Varsity football field.  

By practicing and playing in 2 locations, NYFC has attracted a large, diverse, and supportive fan base which has benefited the Newfane and Olcott businesses as well as the local community. Members of the community have strongly supported NYFC. Our young organization is very grateful for all the support it has received from the community and all of our volunteers that make this program successful for our kids.

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